Photo by Anje-Ilana van Dalen from Madison & West Lifestyle Division

Why you need to have a bite at Nikos Coalgrill Greek in The Grove Mall.

Have you been to Nikos Coalgrill Greek? You may have seen one at a local shopping centre and wondered if this is simply another franchise offering a mediocre substitute for authentic Greek food. Beautiful decor, friendly staff, all the sounds of Greece BUT does Nikos Coalgrill Greek deliver on flavour?


So why are we such Nikos Coalgrill Greek fans?


The food of course! The menu offers a fantastic variety of traditional Greek dishes all served up beautifully. Flavourful Yiros. Juicy Souvlaki. Dips that have you licking out the bowl! And crispy, fresh salad transports us right to the heart of Mykonos, where these dishes had our mouths watering, less than a year ago.


When visiting Nikos you have to start with dips and pita bread.


In true Greek fashion, the portions are generous so always order an extra portion of bread. We all have a favourite dip… Traditional Hummus and Tzatziki, garlicky Skordalia and spicy Htipiti is our standard order.

Next up, main course!


Meat, Chicken, Seafood? Whatever you feel like having. We love ordering a variety of starter dishes or 1/2 kg chops or chicken pieces and sharing between one another. You really can’t go wrong with whatever you choose.


If the kids are a little shy, not wanting to try the robust flavours of Greece we recommend going for the Classic Chicken or the Sheftalia starter for a smaller portion. All still delicious, yet a little more familiar in taste for most.


End on a sweet note…


Crispy, crunchy Traditional Baklava. Sticky Loukoumades (Greek mini doughnuts) and the most decadent Chocolate Tahini and Halva Brownie are just 3 of the mouth watering dessert to choice from. And these are so good, you might just want to pop in for them alone next time.

We are regulars at Nikos Coalgrill Greek, The Grove. Having lunch with the family, a dinner with friends or escaping for a tasty date night. The staff is always friendly, the atmosphere is relaxed, making us feel right at home. Give them a try and I’m sure we’ll be bumping into one another soon.

For the very sweet toothed, definitely try a Baklava milkshake while the rest of us enjoy a glass of fruity sangria or refreshing Nikos craft beer.