The Grove Mall is acting as a marketing agent of “The Birthday Package”.

2. The rate quoted applies to 2D movies and excludes 3D, Cine Prestige and IMAX.

3. The exclusive booking of the Cinema refers to the exclusive use of one of the Cinema

Houses. The rate per cinema house does not vary according to the number of guests, there

is a standard fee.

4. Only movies showing at Ster-Kinekor at the time of the booking being made will available.

5. Pricing excludes all Ster-Kinekor catering items.

6. A maximum of 40 cinema seats will be available per birthday booking.

7. Payment will be need to be made 5 (Five) days prior to the booking date.

8. You will be required to pay both Oakridge Spur and Ster-Kinekor separately.

FOR MORE INFORMATION contact sales@thegrovemall.co.za or 012 807 0963